How to translate "Price" on the product page (and any other texts)?

All our plugins include language .pot file within the /languages/ folder of the plugin - all the texts of the plugin are included there and available for translation (read more here). Please note that in the latest version there are 2 files: rp_wccf.pot and rightpress.pot.

Some texts are available in one file, some - in the other. The "Price" is available in rightpress.pot file

Also, this label can be changed by using the filter "rightpress_product_price_live_update_label", for example:

add_filter('rightpress_product_price_live_update_label', 'rightpress_product_price_live_update_label_change');

function rightpress_product_price_live_update_label_change($var) {
return "New Price";




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