On this page, you can configure how your order data syncs with MailChimp and associates it with subscribers and campaigns. E-Commerce must be enabled in both WooChimp and MailChimp settings. Data is sent when payment is received or order is marked completed.


Here are the settings that can be configured here:


Enable E-Commerce - the main switch for this functionality. If enabled, order data will be sent to MailChimp as soon as order is paid or marked as completed.

Enable orders sync - this is made to sync the earlier orders - order data will be sent to MailChimp every few minutes (5 orders at a time - this can be changed by using filters).

Update order status - update order status in MailChimp when it is changed in WooCommerce.

Delete cancelled order data - delete order data from MailChimp if order is cancelled or refunded.

Subscribe all customers - subscribe all users automatically without asking for their permission whenever E-Commerce data is sent to MailChimp. If not active, customers that aren't subscribed, will have "transactional" status.

Store settings

MailChimp E-Commerce functionality requires a Store to be configured. Store must have a unique ID throughout all your lists and must be tied to a specific MailChimp list. All customers, orders and products are tied to a single Store and changing these values later will make new e-commerce data to appear under a different store (and, if list also changed, in a different list) in MailChimp.



Store ID - set the unique ID of the Store object. Default store ID is based on the URL of your site but you can change it to other value.

Link Store to this list - select a MailChimp list that will be used to create the Store.




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