Subscriptio 3.0 Upgrade Guide

Subscriptio 3.0 has been released on December 2019 and is available for download on CodeCanyon. Version 3.0 is not an incremental improvement over previous versions, rather it's a completely new version - designed and engineered from the ground up.

All new installations can use version 3.0 without any further delays. Version 3.0 documentation is lacking but this will improve over the coming weeks.

Existing installations will only be able to be migrated starting from version 3.1 – we do this to give the plugin more time to mature and fix any potential bugs before making it available to clients with active existing subscriptions.

This page will be updated with existing installation upgrade details before release of version 3.1.

We advise all existing clients to test version 3.0 on a new blank installation on a testing server. Since a lot has changed, it would be a good idea to check if all the required functionality is available.

Developers should consider all integrations and customizations obsolete and prepare for migration to 3.x properly.


Integration with WooCommerce Membership

Subscriptio 3.0 is not compatible with WooCommerce Membership versions lower than 3.0. WooCommerce Membership 3.0 will be released in 2022. New clients wishing to run both plugins together should use Subscriptio version 2.3.10 temporarily.

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