Customizing Volume Pricing Table

There are various ways to use and customize the pricing table. Below are some possibilities.

1. Using filters to override the data

Some small changes available with those:

rp_wcdpd_volume_pricing_table_range_label - overriding the label of one pricing range

rp_wcdpd_volume_pricing_table_range_price - overriding the price of one pricing range

And the whole data can be changed with this: rp_wcdpd_volume_pricing_table_data

You can find more information regarding parameters of those filters in our Actions, Filters & Functions article.


2. Output the table in custom places

It can be done by using the function rp_wcdpd_display_volume_pricing_table()

You will just need to provide the product id as parameter and the pricing table can be displayed anywhere on any custom template.


3. Overriding the default templates 

You will need to navigate to this folder to find Pricing Table's template files:


Copy the contents of this folder to your theme, creating a path like this:


Then, depending on the "Layout" option selected, you can change any template file however you want: change the structure of the table, add any needed classes, ids (to create additional CSS rules), or scripts.

For example, if in options you selected "Layout" of the table as "Inline - Horizontal", then you will need to edit horizontal.php file.


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