Testing the emails

In the current version there's no manual "send email", or "test email" buttons available (could be added in the future updates).

Though it is quite easy to test sending emails.

Important! Either make sure you're testing this on the staging site with test email, or make sure to add specific user condition to all your test triggers (to prevent customers activating those and receiving the test emails):


Here are the two most simple ways to test this:

  • One is when you just need to test something simple (e.g. how the email looks) - select the "add to cart" event in the trigger:

    And then you will just need to add something in cart to trigger the email.

  • Another way can be used to check the order-related emails - select "status change" event:

    In this case, the order is involved and this maybe handy for the cases when you need to display order data, or use order-related conditions. No need to create the new order, you can just use the existing (though make sure that it was placed from your account, so you could check the email, and also if you set the "Specific customer" condition, it won't activate on any other customer's order anyway).
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