How to use the Subscription built-in payment methods?

Another key feature of our plugin is the ability to do automatic renewal payments for the subscription.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Hover your mouse to the "Subscriptions" option in your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. On the next page, click on the Payments tab
  4. Our plugin has two built-in payment gateways: Stripe and Paypal. To enable them, just tick the check box besides them.
  5. Once done, make sure to save your changes.

Now need to enable and configure them in WooCommerce Settings.

Easy way - just click on "Settings" link near the gateway's checkbox on "Gateways" Subscriptio settings tab.

Alternative way:

  1. From your Dashboard, hover through WooCommerce, then click on Settings.
  2. It will redirect you to the General settings. Navigate, by clicking on the Check out tab.
  3. After enabling the built-in payment gateway of Subscriptio, you will see additional payment options available. Which are Stripe by Subscriptio and Paypal by Subscriptio.
  4. Click the built-in payment options and tick the check box to enable them.
  5. Supply the necessary details in the fields and click on the Save changes button afterwards. Note that you will need to get the API Credentials on Stripe/PayPal site - either for sandbox or live mode.

Once activated, those payment gateways will be included as part of the payment options in the checkout page.

In case of PayPal Express Checkout gateway please also check our article for more details on configuration: PayPal Express Checkout





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