Conditions are used to determine if particular email needs to be sent on particular trigger action. For example, you can use send payment reminder if order is still pending payment after 3 days or send a "welcome" email if it's customer's first order. Each trigger can have unlimited conditions.

There are two groups of conditions:

  • Conditions that are checked when trigger action fires - if conditions are not matched, email is not sent or scheduled for the future and no log entry is created
  • Conditions that are checked when scheduled sending starts - if conditions are not matched, scheduled sending is aborted and log entry is updated with corresponding status and note

Not all conditions are available for all trigger actions. Also, some conditions are only available in one of the two condition groups. This is because some conditions can't be checked (e.g. order total on action not related to any order) and some conditions just don't make sense in some situations.

To add a new condition, simply click on Add Condition. To delete a condition, click on the X icon on the right end of a row. Conditions can also be sorted, however, this is only for convenience and do not change the behaviour.

Below is a list of all available conditions:

  • Cart
    • Cart subtotal
    • Coupons applied
  • Products In Cart
    • Products
    • Product categories
    • Product attributes
    • Product tags
  • Action Product (product related to trigger action, e.g. product added to cart)
    • Product
    • Product category
    • Product attributes
    • Product tags
  • Order
    • Order total
    • Order status
    • Coupons applied
  • Products In Order
    • Products
    • Product categories
    • Product attributes
    • Product tags
  • Billing Address
    • Billing country
    • Billing state
    • Billing city
    • Billing postcode
  • Shipping Address
    • Shipping country
    • Shipping state
    • Shipping city
    • Shipping postcode
  • Customer
    • Role
    • Capability
    • Specific customer
    • Customer meta (searches in WP user meta fields)
  • Customer Value (timeframe can be specified)
    • Amount spent
    • Order count
  • Products Purchased (timeframe can be specified)
    • Products within
    • Product categories within
    • Product attributes within
    • Product tags within

All conditions can be configured to be both positive (e.g. is, contains, in list) and negative (e.g. is not, does not contain, not in list).

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