All WooCommerce Email Center events are logged in Email Log.

Click on the Log link on the WordPress admin menu under Emails menu. The following list of log entries will be displayed:

You can hide any log entry list column by clicking on the Screen Options button and unchecking the checkboxes of the columns that you do not want to see in the list.

If log entry has related log entries, timestamp value will be displayed as a link - clicking on that link will show related log entries only.


Searching Log Entries

You can filter log entries by their status or action using the default WordPress filter filed. To filter by a particular status or action, you can also click on any of the status flags or action titles.

You can search log entries by filling in a search field and clicking on Search Entries. Search will be performed in customer email, email subject, date (ISO format) and note fields only.

You can also search with a context. To do so, append a context keyword at the beginning of your search term followed by a colon, e.g. customer:123 will search for log entries that are linked to WordPress User with ID 123. The following contexts are supported:

  • customer - show log entries related to specific user ID
  • trigger - show log entries related to specific trigger ID
  • email - show log entries related to specific email ID (refers to custom email created under Emails, not to email address)
  • subject - shows log entries with particular subject
  • order - shows log entries related to specific order ID
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