Managing Conditions

If Conditions is checked for a field, Conditions panel will be displayed. Conditions are used to hide specific fields when specific conditions are not matched.

To add a new Condition click on Add Condition.

The following conditions are available:

  • Customer (not available for Product Properties)
    • Is logged in (not available for Order Fields)
    • Role
    • Capability
  • Product (not available for Checkout Fields and Order Fields)
    • Product
    • Product variation (not available for Product Properties)
    • Product attributes (not available for Product Properties)
    • Product category
    • Product type
  • Cart (only available for Checkout Fields)
    • Cart subtotal
    • Coupons applied
  • Cart Items (only available for Checkout Fields)
    • Products in cart
    • Product variations in cart
    • Product attributes in cart
    • Product categories in cart
  • Order (only available for Order Fields)
    • Order total
    • Coupons applied
    • Payment method
    • Shipping method
  • Order Items (only available for Order Fields)
    • Products in order
    • Product variations in order
    • Product attributes in order
    • Product categories in order
  • Custom Field
    • Other Field

When a condition is selected, corresponding operator and value fields are displayed.

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