Managing Fields


In general field setup is similar between different field types. In this article we'll cover creatint new "Product Field" as example.

Click on New Field button to add a new field.

You'll see new field creation page:

When you type in Field Label (will be used to be displayed to users) and Unique Key (unique field key which is used when storing field data, can only contain letters, numbers and underscores) - those will be updated in the title as well:

Under Advanced box you can see additional settings for the field - it can vary depending on field type, let's have a look at those for Text type:

Field Description will be shown under field and can contain some additional information.

Default Value used to set the value that will be already entered in the field.

Character Limit can limit the number of characters entered in the field.

Custom CSS Rules used to easily add some additional rules to configure the look of the field.

On the right sidebar there are even more switches with settings:

Required / Optional controls whether this field should have any value to add this to cart.

Quantity Based / Single Field controls how many instances of field there will be depending on quantity selected, e.g. if there will be quantity of 2, the field may show up two time - so user could input different values for each unit.

Pricing activates additional pricing box:

That way you can set fee or discount for using this field - including simple or percentage values, and even fee per character count.

Conditions activates additional conditions box:

Those conditions that need to be matched for this field to be displayed. Field can also be configured to be dependant on value of other custom field. Described in further detail in section Managing Conditions.

As soon as you finish configuring all settings, don't forget to hit "Submit":

But there will remain one touch to make it work. For now field is still disabled:

You can enable this either on the same edit page:

Or on fields list page:


Other custom field types could have their own additional settings and options and/or or lack some of the above.

Additional settings available for Checkout Fields and User Fields:

  • Checkout Position - selects the position of custom field on checkout page.

Additional settings available for Product Properties and Order Fields:

  • Public / Private - whether field is private or public, i.e. will be displayed to customers.


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