Areas Of Application

Product Fields

Product Fields are fields that appear on the frontend product page for users to fill in before they add a product to the cart. Use Product Fields to make a product configurable, offer product add-ons and gather additional information about user preference.

To manage Product Fields, go to Custom Fields > Product Fields.


Product Properties

Product Properties are fields that are available on product edit pages for shop managers to fill in. Product Properties can be private or public. Public Product Properties are displayed on product pages and are used to provide customers with more information about each product.

To manage Product Properties, go to Custom Fields > Product Properties.


Checkout Fields

Checkout Fields appear on the Checkout page and are used to gather additional billing, shipping and general order information.

gather additional information from customer, e.g. preferred delivery time, their VAT number for European customers etc. Checkout Field data then appears in a dedicated box on the order page.

To manage Checkout Fields, go to Custom Fields > Checkout Fields.


Order Fields

Order Fields are used to provide additional information about each order in a structured way. The first use case for Order Fields is to create private fields and use them to store information related to order processing, help with managing orders, add private notes etc. In addition to that, Order Fields can also be used to provide additional information about orders that is then available to customers in My Orders (useful for some information, e.g. shipping tracking numbers).

To manage Order Fields, go to Custom Fields > Order Fields.


User Fields

User Fields are used to gather additional user-related fields on checkout, e.g. birth dates and other information. Also can be used to gather tax-related information, like VAT number (for Europe). Those fields will be also available on WordPress user profile page.

To manage Order Fields, go to Custom Fields > User Fields.


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