PayPal Adaptive Payments (deprecated)

Note: PayPal Adaptive Payments is deprecated starting from version 2.3. It will continue functioning for clients who had it enabled before upgrading to 2.3, however, we urge all clients to migrate to PayPal Express Checkout at earliest convenience.


PayPal payment gateway extension which comes bundled with Subscriptio uses PayPal Adaptive Payments, more specifically Preapproved Payments, to charge subscribers automatically at the beginning of each billing cycle. Subscriptio is integrated with PayPal using PayPal Classic API.

To start using PayPal for automatic subscription payments, you need to configure both your PayPal account and this extension on your site. The later requires API Username, API Password, API Signature and App ID to be set.


Obtaining API Credentials

Subscriptio uses PayPal Classic API to communicate with PayPal's servers. In order to do so, Subscriptio requires you to provide your API Credentials.

To begin with, please run through the following page: Creating and Managing Classic API Credentials.

Please note that you need to click on Request API credentials link while on the API Access page and select Request API signature (not certificate) on the Request API Credentials page.

You should be provided with your API Username, API Password and Signature instantly.


Obtaining App ID

To get an App ID, you need to create a PayPal application (i.e. to register your store with PayPal).

Go to PayPal Developer portal, click the Login button at the top right corner and login. After doing so, click on Dashboard at the top menu. This will bring you to the My apps page. Clicking on the Create and manage NVP/SOAP API apps link will bring you to the NVP/SOAP API apps. Click on New Application and a new app form will appear on the screen. Fill it in and submit. Below are few important tips:

  • In the description field state that your app is an online store that sells subscriptions that are managed on your server and uses Preapproved Payments of Adaptive Payments to charge customers at the beginning of each billing cycle. Also add that you acknowledge the default PayPal limits for one Preapproval agreement (total period of 1 year and 2000$ (or equivalent in other currency) for total of all payments).
  • Expand Adaptive Payments, tick the Preapprovals checkbox, leave Subscription Payments under How will you use preapprovals?
  • For Monthly payment volume and Average transaction amount, if possible, enter values that are higher than you expect now - this will help you to avoid hitting limits in the future.
  • You do not need to fill anything under Adaptive Accounts, 3rd Party Permissions and Invoicing.
  • Under Testing Information provide some information on how PayPal staff could do their own testing if they would like to, e.g. place a test order containing a subscription product.
  • Select No under Would you like your application considered for listing in our App Gallery?

After that you will be instantly provided with a Sandbox ID and after approval of PayPal staff with Live App ID as well.


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