Frontend Field Display

Product Fields

Product Fields appear on product pages just above Add To Cart button.

When product is configured and added to the cart, all selections are displayed as cart item meta data.


Product Properties

Product Properties appear on product pages on a separate tab.


Checkout Fields

Checkout Fields appear on the Checkout page but their position depends on a corresponding setting selected for each field, i.e. individual fields can be displayed in different positions on the Checkout page.

Checkout Fields are also displayed to customers after they place an order on the order view page.


Order Fields

Order Fields are only displayed to customers after they are filled in by a shop manager. Order Field data appears as a list of order related data on the order view page.


User Fields

User Fields are displayed by default in a similar way and view to the Checkout Fields - on the Checkout page. But also it is possible to show those fields (if set as user profile fields) on registration form, and fields' values will be shown (if set as "public") on My Account section - in different sub-pages, depending on the field type (profile, billing or shipping fields).



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