Set your MailChimp API key and control general settings:

  • MailChimp API key - API key is required for this plugin to communicate with MailChimp servers. To get an API key, login to your MailChimp account and navigate to Account Settings > Extras > API keys.
  • Integration status - informs whether connection to MailChimp can be successfully established.

  • Require double opt-in - controls whether a double opt-in confirmation message is sent before user is actually subscribed.
  • Send welcome email - if double opt-in is disabled and this setting is enabled, MailChimp will send your lists Welcome Email on user subscription. This has no effect if double opt-in is enabled.
  • Replace interest groups on update - setting is used by MailChimp to determine whether interest groups are added to a set of existing interest groups of particular user or they are completely replaced with new interest groups. This is applicable when user is already subscribed to the list and profile is being updated.
  • Update existing subscribers - control whether existing subscribers are updated when they fill out the signup form again or error is displayed. This has no effect for Sync functionality.

  • Display field labels inline - controls whether signup form field labels are displayed inside fields as value placeholders (inline) or above fields.
  • Max form width in pixels - if your website features a wide layout, you may wish to set the max width for the form to look better. This has no effect for forms displayed as popup.
  • Override CSS - you can further customize the appearance of your signup forms by adding custom CSS to this field. To make changes to the style, simply use CSS class chimpy_custom_css as a basis.
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