General Settings

General Settings

Lets you control general settings of the plugin.

  • Enable Quotes - lets you control the visibility of the 'Download Quote' button by enabling/disabling this checkbox.
  • Download Button Position - lets you control the position of the 'Download Quote' button.
  • Next quote number - change next quote number if needed.


Advanced Settings

Lets you control advanced settings of the plugin.

  • Display product ID/SKU - if enabled, product ID/SKU will be displayed for each product just before its name.
  • Display product category - controls whether or not to display product category below each product on the quote. If there are multiple categories, they will be displayed in one line separated by commas.
  • Display short description - controls whether or not to display product short description below each product on the quote. This extension attempts to convert HTML to text but this feature is experimental. Use plain text to be sure that the final result looks as expected.
  • Display product images - controls whether or not to display product images below product name whenever available. This feature is experimental - use at your own risk.
  • Display currency symbol - if enabled, currency symbol (e.g. $) will be displayed next to every amount on the quote. Currency code (e.g. USD) is displayed next to total amount in any way.


Tax Settings

Lets you control tax settings.

  • Display tax rows - if enabled, all applicable taxes will be listed just above (if Subtotal is exclusive of tax) or below (if Subtotal is inclusive of tax) Total row.
  • Display tax inline - you may need to display net amount, tax rate and tax amount individually for each product. This is useful when different rates of the same tax are used for different items on the same quote, e.g. reduced VAT rate is applied to specific group of products.
  • Display amounts inclusive of tax - if enabled, line item price, line subtotal and subtotal will be displayed inclusive of tax. This plugin always overrides related WooCommerce settings. This setting is ignored when tax is displayed inline.
  • Display total excl. tax row - if enabled, additional line will be added to the totals block that displays total exclusive of tax.
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