Amounts in conditions include tax - this controls whether or not the amounts should be counted with tax.

Product Pricing

There you can see settings specific to Product Pricing rules.

Change display prices in shop - this function allows to change the viewable prices in your shop, depending on what rules you have configured. Please note that it may increase the usage of resources on your server and also increase load time, especially when you have a lot of rules or those are complex ones. Also note that some unexpectedly changed prices may confuse customers.

Available options:

  • Do not change - deactivated, not changing any prices.
  • Change - Include simple adjustments - only "Simple" type of rules will be used to change display prices.
  • Change - Include all adjustment types - all types of rules will be used to change display prices.

Base price for products on sale - determine how to apply discounts for products already on sale. This only affects products with a sale price set in product settings.

Available options:

  • Sale price - use sale price as base.
  • Regular price - use regular price as base.
  • Exclude products already on sale - do not apply discount for such products.

Irrational price handling - how to use the irrational prices. You can select to either prefer desired subtotal or prefer correct calculation.
For example, a 3 for $10 rule results in a per-item price of $3.33(3). The first option gives a correct calculation: $3.33 * 3 = $9.99. The second option gives a desired subtotal: $3.33 * 3 = $10.00.

Automatically add free product to cart - select this to add a free product in cart automatically. Please note that this only works with Buy X Get Y rules when all properties of a free product are known - specific product or specific variation must be selected. Read more here.

Display regular price when discounting - display the old price as crossed out, where possible.

Cart Discounts

If multiple discounts are applicable you can select to whether to display all individual discounts or combine to one total discount.

Apply with individual use coupons - whether or not Cart Discounts will be applied when individual use coupons was applied too.

Allow regular coupons with cart discounts - whether or not to prevent regular coupons from being applied.

Checkout Fees

If multiple fees are applicable you can select to whether to display all individual fees or combine to one total fee.
Tax class - select the tax class for the fees. Options available are: Not Taxable, Standard Rate, Reduced Rate, Zero Rate, Virtual Rate, Virtual Reduced Rate.

Custom Taxonomy Conditions

Enabled taxonomies - allows integration with 3rd party extensions that add custom product taxonomies, e.g. product brands.

Import & Export

This section allows you to export and import full settings of the plugin - as a backup or to migrate the site, for example.

Import settings - click to select the file. Please note that importing settings will irrecoverably overwrite your existing settings, including any pricing rules, discounts and fees. Also note that if you manually change the exported file, checksum won't match and it will trigger the error.

Export settings - click on the link to download the file with exported settings.




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