Subscription Transactions

Click on the Transactions menu link under Subscriptions on the WordPress admin menu to access a list of all subscription transactions:

Clicking on the subscription, order or product IDs will take you to subscription, order and product edit pages correspondingly.

You can hide any transaction list column by clicking on the Screen Options button and unchecking the checkboxes of the columns that you do not want to see in the list.

Possible transaction actions:

  • New Order - new subscription created
  • Payment Received - payment successfully received (either actual payment or detected order status change to processing or completed)
  • Renewal Order - renewal order generated for an upcoming payment due date
  • Suspension - subscription suspended automatically due to non-payment
  • Automatic Cancellation - subscription cancelled automatically due to non-payment
  • Manual Cancellation - subscription cancelled manually by shop manager or customer
  • Order Cancellation - corresponding order was cancelled, therefore subscription is cancelled as well
  • Expiration - max subscription length reached, subscription expired
  • Payment Due - scheduled payment due action invoked, processing automatic payments (if possible), determining what to do with unpaid subscriptions
  • Payment Reminder - scheduled payment reminder sent to customer
  • Subscription Deleted - corresponding subscription was deleted completely by shop managed
  • Pausing Subscription - subscription paused by shop managed or customer
  • Resuming Subscription - subscription resumed by shop managed or customer
  • Address Changed - shipping address changed by shop managed or customer

Possible transaction results:

  • success - action completed successfully
  • error - error occurred while processing action (needs attention)
  • failed - action failed due to other reasons but error (e.g. insufficient funds for automatic payment)
  • processing - action is still being performed - if a transaction stays in this state for more than thirty seconds or so, then something wrong happened while processing this action (e.g. PHP fatal error occurred during execution).


Searching Transactions

You can filter transactions by month when they occurred, by transaction type (action taken) and by transaction outcome (result). To filter by a particular action or result, you can also click on any of the links/flags next to any transaction.

You can search transactions by filling in a search field and clicking on Search Transactions. You can use a free search or search with a context.

Free search searches in ID, Subscription ID, Order ID, Product ID and Variation ID fields.

To search with a context, append a context keyword at the beginning of your search term followed by a colon, e.g. order:123 will search for all transactions related to order with an ID of 123. The following context keywords are available:

  • subscription - searches subscription ID
  • order - searches order ID
  • product - searches product ID
  • variation - searches variation ID
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