This plugin allows you to display a signup form as a popup which can dramatically increase the signup rate.

  • Enable popup - displays popup with mailing list signup form as configured. You can use form conditions for more granual control.
  • Form to display - select one of the forms created under tab Forms to display as a popup.
  • Open delay in seconds - if set, form will be opened after a specified number of seconds counting from the complete page load.
  • Display in - page types where you want the popup to be fired.

  • Page frequency - popup will be displayed once in every X pages opened. Leaving blank or setting value to 1 will have the same effect.
  • Time frequency in minutes - popup will be displayed once in every X minutes.
  • Allow dismissing - if enabled, users will be provided with an option (a link to click) to hide the popup forever without filling in the form.
  • Dismiss link text - if popup dismissing is enabled, this will be the text of the dismiss link.
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