Cart Discounts

Cart Discounts page allows you to create multiple cart discounts. If you want to set discounts based on the total amount, specific products, quantities and user roles in the cart then you can create one under Cart discounts. 

You can select which discount is applied by changing value of the select field at the very top of the page:

Discounts are processed in the same order they appear - you can reorder them by dragging.


Adding And Removing Discounts

To add a new discount, click on the following button:

This will add a new section with blank cart discount form:

To delete one of your discounts, simply click on the X icon next to its section name.

Each discount rule can be configured by modifying settings in the following sections.


General Settings

  • Rule description - description that is used for your own reference (not public).
  • Valid from/until - set up rule validity dates. Dates are inclusive. Date fields can also be used to temporary disable a long term rule.
  • Only if pricing not adjusted - if checked, this cart discount will not be applied if cart contains at least one item which price was adjusted by pricing rules.



  • Field - cart property to check against. The following properties/methods are available: subtotal at least, subtotal less than, count of cart items at least, count of cart items less than, sum of item quantities at least, sum of item quantities less than, at least one product in cart (from a list), none of selected products in cart, at least one category in cart (from a list), none of selected categories in cart, user in list, user role in list, order count to date at least, amount spent to date at least, shipping country in list.
  • Value - enter a value that must be matched (or must not be matched if using inversed comparison) for this discount to be applied. Value field depends on the field type chosen and can be both text input and multi-select field.

Conditions are joined together with an AND logical operator.

Click "Add Condition" button to add a new cart discount condition. To delete a condition, click on the X button on the right side of the row. You can add any number of conditions.



  • Discount type - select percentage discount or price discount. In case cart subtotal ends up being a negative figure, subtotal will be reset to zero. By default, cart subtotal before calculating tax is adjusted, that is - cart discount is applied. If you would like to apply an order discount (after the tax is calculated), go to Settings tab and change field Cart discount applied to After tax.
  • Value - enter adjustment value without currency or percent symbols. Be sure to use a dot (not a comma) to separate decimal part. 
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