Displaying Forms

You can create multiple newsletter signup forms on the "Forms" page. Each can be displayed in one of the following ways.



Display any form on a sidebar of your choice by using a standard WordPress Widget. Go to the Widgets page and use the one named MailChimp Signup (Chimpy). You can add as many instances of this widget as you like. You can optionally specify a comma-separated list of form IDs to limit which forms can be displayed on that particular spot.


Shortcode [chimpy_form]

Insert any a form into individual posts or pages by placing a shortcode anywhere in the content. To limit which forms can be displayed here, add a parameter forms with a comma-separated list of form IDs, e.g. [chimpy_form forms="1,3,4"]


Function chimpy_form()

To display a form in nonstandard parts of your website, take advantage of the PHP function chimpy_form(). To limit which forms can be displayed at that particular spot, pass a list of allowed form IDs in an array, e.g. chimpy_form(array('1', '3', '4'))



Increase the signup rate by displaying one of your signup forms in a popup.


Under Post Content

You can easily configure this plugin to display signup forms under each post that you publish. You can exclude (or include only particular posts) by setting appropriate form displaying conditions.


As Content Lock

If you have valuable content that your visitors are after, you may wish to lock some of it so only visitors who subscribe to your mailing list can access it.

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