Subscription Products

Any WooCommerce product can be turned into a subscription product. To do so, open any product and look for the "Subscription" checkbox (next to regular "Virtual" and "Downloadable" checkboxes). Subscription variations are controlled individually.

This is how to set up a subscription product:

  • Subscription - check to make this product a subscription product
  • Price is per - configure subscription billing cycle
  • Free trial - configure an optional free trial of any length
  • Sign-up fee - change a one-off signup fee
  • Max length - maximum subscription length after which subscription should be expired

First billing cycle starts as soon as the first payment is received or corresponding order is marked processing or completed.

Days, weeks, months and years are supported as time units plus developers can define their own time units. Month consists of 30 calendar days, year consists of 365 calendar days.

You can also configure variable subscription, to have different terms within one product. Read more here on how to set this up.

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