Membership Plans

As soon as you install WooCommerce Membership, you will find the following menu link under WooCommerce:


Click on Plans to view a list of existing plans or click on Add Plan to create a new one.


Membership Plan List

If you click on Plans, a standard WordPress list will appear with the plans that have been created so far:

  • Name - publicly visible name of the membership plan.
  • Key - membership plan key which is added to member's capabilities list (WordPress User capabilities) and used on posts to restrict access to content by checking whether or not a specific user has this specific capability/key (i.e. whether or not he is a member with a required membership plan).
  • Status - current membership plan status (can be either enabled or disabled).
  • Products - a number of products that grant access to this membership with a link to a list of these products.
  • Members - a number of members that have this membership plan with a link to a list of these members.


Creating Membership Plans

To add a new plan, you just need to provide a name for it:


Multiple plans can be created with the same name if needed - unique key will still be generated by appending a number to the end.


Related Products

As soon as you configure your first membership product (see section Membership Products of this documentation), you will see it in the Related Products list in each plan that you associated your membership product with:

Clicking on the product name will take to the WooCommerce product edit page.



As soon as the first user is granted access to this membership plan, it will appear in the list of members:

Under the members' table there is link to Export to CSV the whole members list, and also there is Members search available.

You can add new members manually by selecting one user at a time in the select field meta box Grant Access Manually at the right sidebar and clicking Grant Access. Please note that memberships granted manually do not expire automatically since they did not originate from the sale of a product.

You can remove member at any time manually by hovering over the appropriate row and clicking on the red X link that will appear at the very right of the row.


Linked Plans

Multiple membership plans can be linked to the membership plan that is current being edited:

To link a membership plan to the current plan, simply select it at the footer of the table and click Link Plan. This will add a Linked Plan with "0 days" under Grant Access After. Change this setting to activate child plan later, resulting in a content drip feed.

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