On this page you can controll all the settings related to subscription form shortcode.

Subscription Shortcode

In this section you can change main settings for the subscription shortcode.


The following fields are available:

  • Enable - enable or disable subscription widget. If enabled, a subscription form will be displayed in a widget. You must add MailChimp Subscription widget to one of your sidebars for the subscription form to appear.
  • Double opt-in and welcome email - if enabled, customers will be subscribed with 'pending' status, and confirmation email will be sent to confirm subscription. Customers will also receive welcome email as configured in MailChimp settings.

List & Groups

This section allows you to set list that users will be subscribed to and groups that they will be added to.

The following fields are available:

  • Mailing list - select a MailChimp list to subscribe users to. You must choose a valid list to enable this feature. Values for this field are fetched from MailChimp when the admin page loads, so allow a few seconds for them to appear.
  • Groups - select one or multiple MailChimp groups to add subscribers to. Mailing list must be chosen for a list of groups to appear.

Shortcode Style

Use this section to change the layout and style of the signup form.

The following fields are available:

  • Show field labels inline - if enabled, field labels will be shown as placeholders for fields. Otherwise, they will be displayed separately before fields.
  • Signup form style - select a style to apply to your signup form. If you choose to inherit the style from your current theme, styling will completely depend on it - in some cases you may get undesired results.
  • Custom CSS - using this field, you can further customize the appearance of the subscription form by adding custom CSS to this fielqd. Subscription form is displayed within a table which has a style class woochimp_sc defined. You must use this class as a parent for changes to take effect.


Here you can set whether or not to disaplay the consent checkbox for users and what message to show.



This section displays basic instructions of how to use subscription form shortcode.


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