Forms page allows you to create multiple MailChimp signup forms.

To add a new form, click on the following button:

This will add a new section with blank form settings:

To detele one of the forms, simply click on the X icon next to its section name.

Each form can be configured by making changes in one of the following four sections.

  • Form title - title of the form, will be displayed in a signup form header.
  • Text above form - message to display above form fields.
  • Text below form - message to display below form fields.
  • Submit button label - form submit button label.
  • Color scheme - select one of the predefined color schemes. You can further customize the look & feel of your forms by adding custom CSS rules to Settings > Override CSS.

  • Mailing list - select one of your MailChimp mailing lists for users to be subscribed to.
  • Interest groups - select interest groups that you want to add automatically or allow users to choose in the form. If no interest groups are available, either mailing list has not been selected yet in the field above or you have no interest groups created for this list.
  • Add to groups - select how you would like interest groups to work with this form - you can either add all selected interest groups to subscribers profile by default or allow your visitors to manually select some.

This section allows you to configure multiple form fields that are linked to the MailChimp merge tags. Click on the Add Field button to add additional field. Click on the X button next to the field to remove it.

Each field must be linked to one MailChimp tag and each tag may be used only once on one form.

If no merge tags are available, you have not selected any list or no merge tags (fields) are configured on your MailChimp account for the selected list.

You can optionally select an icon which will be displayed on the right side of the form.

You can define conditions that need to be matched for this form to be displayed. The following display conditions are available:

  • Always display this form - no conditions will be checked.
  • Disable this form - form will never be displayed.
  • Front page only - form will only be displayed on front page.
  • Specific pages - form will be displayed on the selected pages only.
  • Specific posts - form will be displayed on the selected posts only.
  • Specific post categories - form will be displayed on posts that are associated with one or more of the selected categories.
  • URL contains - form will be displayed on pages which have the defined string in their URL.
  • Pages not - inversed selection of pages, form will be displayed everywhere else but on selected pages.
  • Posts not - inversed selection of posts, form will be displayed everywhere else but on selected posts.
  • Post categories not - inversed selection of post categories, form will be displayed everywhere else bet on posts that belong to selected categories.
  • URL does not contain - form will be displayed everywhere else but on pages which have the specified string in the URL.

For all options except the first three you will be provided with a field to select pages, posts and categories or to enter URL fragment.

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