It is important to fully understand how this plugin displays signup forms to your customers. First of all, you must create at least one signup form under Forms. Then, you must activate at least one form display method. When doing so, you may limit which forms can be displayed using particular display method.

When this plugin notices an opportunity to display a signup form anywhere (i.e. where you set it to be displayed), it will iterate over all forms that you have configured and allowed for this particular display method and will check if conditions that are set for them are matched. It will display the first form that matches conditions. That is - if you have multiple forms and the first form does not have any conditions (set to "Always display this form"), this plugin will always display the first form and will never consider displaying other forms.

It is possible to reorder forms - simply click on the form title and drag it above or below other forms.

The best approach would be to have the most specific forms at the top and the most general ones (e.g. "fallback" form with a setting "Always display this form") at the bottom.

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