Are multiple rates of the same tax supported?

Yes. Some countries use variable VAT (or other tax) rates for different goods and services and WooCommerce PDF Invoice comes with a support for this (with some limitations).

If you use different tax rates for different products and these products happen to end up in a single order, WooCommerce PDF Invoice will do the following:
  • Determine tax rate and calculate tax for each line item individually (by default WooCommerce only provides line subtotal and line tax).
  • Switch table layout to a different one to display net amount, tax rate and calculated tax for each line item.
  • Ignore "Display tax rows" setting completely - display all subtotals inclusive of tax and hide tax rows on the totals block (except of shipping and shipping tax).

  • Using different tax rates for different products and using multiple tax rates (either compound or not) for one product together is not supported.
  • If you set prices inclusive of tax, in some rare cases tax may be calculated with an error of one cent due to rounding.
  • Since a lot of columns need to be displayed, in rare cases column names and values may not fit nicely into table cells. Try using abbreviations and hiding currency symbol.
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