On this page you can control if and how your customers are added to MailChimp lists.


Subscribe On Checkout

These are the main settings for subscriptions on checkout.

The following fields are available:

  • Enable - enable or disable subscription on checkout. Choose Subscribe automatically, if you wish to subscribe all customers to one of your lists without asking for their consent. Choose Ask for permission, if you wish to add a checkbox to your Checkout page so users can opt-in to receive your newsletters.
  • Label - text to display to customers next to subscription checkbox.
  • Default state - select default state of the subscription checkbox. If you select Checked, customers will have to unselect the checkbox in order not to be subscribed to the list.
  • Replace groups on MailChimp - if selected, interest groups provided above will replace any other interest groups for existing users. Otherwise, provided groups will be merged with existing interest groups on subscriber profile.
  • Double opt-in - enable or disable standard MailChimp double opt-in functionality. If enabled, customers will be sent an email and required to confirm subscription.
  • Send welcome email - if enabled, customers will receive welcome email as configured in MailChimp settings.
  • Don't resubscribe unsubscribers - (displayed when automatic subscription is selected) if selected, users who have unsubscribed from the selected list in the past, will not be automatically subscribed again. This requires MailChimp Webhook integration to be active.


Lists, Groups And Fields

This section allows you to set up multiple sets of list, group and field selection. You can control which set will be selected and used by setting up conditions.

To add a new set, click on the "Add Set" button. To delete a set, click on the "times" icon on the set header.

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