On Integration page you can set up MailChimp connection and control general settings for this plugin.


In this section you can enable integration with MailChimp and set MailChimp API key.


The following fields are available:
  • Enable Integration - enable or disable integration with MailChimp. This plugin will not work without active MailChimp integration so it's important to set it up correctly.
  • MailChimp API key - enter your MailChimp API key. API key is required for this plugin to communicate with MailChimp servers. You can read more about it here.



These are main settings for this plugin.


The following fields are available:
  • If user is already subscribed - with this you can select to update the existing user (recommended) or just display the notice in log, if enabled (basically do nothing and leave user data unchanged).
  • Enable Webhooks - if enabled and configured, MailChimp will send this plugin instant updates about changes on your account. This is useful as it extends functionality of this plugin. For example, you can configure this plugin not to auto-subscribe user who has just manually unsubscribed from your list. You can read more about Webhooks here.
  • Your Webhook URL - (only displayed when are Webhooks enabled; non-editable) Webhook must be set up on MailChimp side as well. Login to your MailChimp account, go to one of your lists, click on Settings / Webhooks and add this URL as a Callback URL for a new Webhook. You can repeat the same process for all lists that you are going to use.
  • Enable WooChimp log - this enabled WooChimp's own logging, to track down the processes of subscription and e-commerce data sending, and, or course, to check if there was any errors.
  • Events to log - this allows to select whether to log all requests, or just the ones that triggered some error.



This section displays current integration status (checks the data on MailChimp side).



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