On the "Promotion" tab of the plugin's page, there are various options to promote the discounts that you configured in your store.

Your Price

Displays a dynamically updated price on a single product page. This price reflects all pricing adjustments that would be applicable if a specified quantity was added to cart.

The label by default can be changed:

You Saved

Displays a total amount saved by customer on cart and checkout pages:

Label can be also changed, as well as the position can be selected. Also, you can chose to include other discounts and taxes.

Discount amount threshold is the option that will control after which amount this will be shown, e.g. if you set this as 10.00 and customer only saved 2.00, this won't show up at all.

Volume Pricing Table

Displays a table with potential savings that come with higher quantities purchased.

Click "Enable" to activate showing of the table. "Title" is what displayed above the table.

There are various options to chose from for the "Position":

As for the layout, you can either select horizontal or vertical, as well as select one of two types - inline or modal:

Here are some examples of how it may look like. 



If "Modal" is selected, there will be link with the text of the "Title":

After clicking on it, you will see the table in modal window:

Countdown Timer

Displays a countdown timer for time restricted pricing rules.

Here you can also change "Label" and "Position", but there's also option "Time left less than" that allows to show the countdown only for offers that end in a specific timeframe.

Customer Notifications

Displays a notification when pricing rule, cart discount or checkout fee is applied.

With the checkboxes you can select for which rules such notifications will be shown.

After checking those, the default notification text show up - you can change it how you like, some macros are also supported:



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