How to sync old orders data?

Since version 2.2.2 there is a new "sync orders" option in ecommerce tab - it will sync all of the old orders on your site if you enable that.
If order already exists in your MailChimp account - it'll be updated, if not - it'll be created.
By default sync will take 5 orders every 30 minutes, but those numbers can be changed via filters:
  • woochimp_order_sync_amount is filter for orders amount, default is 5.
  • woochimp_order_sync_interval is filter for interval in seconds, default is 1800.
Here's the examples how you can change those values:
add_filter('woochimp_order_sync_amount', 'woochimp_order_sync_amount_change');

function woochimp_order_sync_amount_change($amount) {
return 10;
add_filter('woochimp_order_sync_interval', 'woochimp_order_sync_interval_change');

function woochimp_order_sync_interval_change($amount) {
return 3000;


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