How to sync old orders data?

Since version 2.2.2 there is a new "sync orders" option in ecommerce tab - it will sync all of the old orders on your site if you enable that.
If order already exists in your MailChimp account - it'll be updated, if not - it'll be created.
By default sync will take 5 orders every 30 minutes, but those numbers can be changed via filters:
  • woochimp_order_sync_amount is filter for orders amount, default is 5.
  • woochimp_order_sync_interval is filter for interval in seconds, default is 1800.
Here are the examples how you can change those values (the code can be added in functions.php of your theme, as usual for action/filter custom code).
This code changes the amount of orders from the default 5 to 10:
add_filter('woochimp_order_sync_amount', 'woochimp_order_sync_amount_change');

function woochimp_order_sync_amount_change($amount) {
return 10;

This code changes the interval from the default 1800 seconds (30 minutes) to 3600 seconds (1 hour):

add_filter('woochimp_order_sync_interval', 'woochimp_order_sync_interval_change');

function woochimp_order_sync_interval_change($amount) {
return 3600;


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