Will my payment gateway work with Subscriptio? + Manual vs. Automatic payments

Manual vs. Automatic payments

Any payment gateway that is supported by WooCommerce will work with Subscriptio's subscriptions, but if it has no specific integration implemented for Subscriptio, then payments will be only manual, i.e. user will have to log in and do the payment for each renewal order.

To make sure user won't forget about that, there's email notifications about new order is available, as well as payment reminder emails - all having convenient "pay now" button.

You'll need to use built-in gateways to enable automatic payments. Note that those also support 'normal' orders without subscriptions, so you can use our gateways as main for your site. In this case "pay now" button in emails is also available, though that's just an option - user doesn't need to make payment manually, even though it is still possible.

You can find more information on how to use built-in gateways in our article about that.
"Other" PayPal and Stripe gateways
If you currently use other PayPal/Stripe gateway (not the one bundled with Subscriptio), then it probably won't be able to process Subscriptio's automatic payments.
This is a common mistake and may cause unexpected cancellation of subscriptions.
Make sure that you use one of our built-in gateways, or the one that declares support for Subscriptio to have fully automatic payments on your site.



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