Creating a translation

There are plenty of guides online about how to translate WordPress plugins, so here we'll just concentrate on some specific use-cases.

In general, there are 2 of them:

  • you need to create the translation for another language
  • you just want to change few lines of text to your liking

For both of those using language file to create a translation is the recommended way, as it will allow to preserve those changes after future updates of plugin. Also it won't need any programming skills - you won't need to go into the code.

On how exactly to create it please refer to one of the guides, for example:

In short, you'll just need to download some software and follow the instructions.

For example, Poedit is quite popular and cross-platform, so you could easily use it:


Another case is WPML support - you'll find that some of our plugins already support it, while for others the support is coming in future. But in general all our products will support WPML.

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